9 tips for buying a car warranty:

As a professional in the car business, (even though I do not make a dime off of it), I always suggest to all my customers, that they buy some form of warranty on their new pre-owned vehicle. I suggest keeping your new huge investment protected always. Here are a few tips on selecting what is the right warranty (s) for you.
Nine Warranty-Buying Tips:

1. Never buy a warranty based strictly on a phone sales pitch.

2. Always have a contract in hand for review before you make a decision.

3. Don’t be taken in by “today only” price pitches.

4. Every contract has an “insurer” or “underwriter.” Find out who that is and check the company at ambest.com, the website for A.M. Best, a century-old insurance-rating service.

5. Make sure you know your deductible, and that it is only charged once per repair visit.

6. Never buy a warranty based on the performance of a product—a bottle of magic liquid, for example. That tactic is a way around certain consumer-protection laws.

7. Buy from a company that pays directly for repairs, not one that says it will reimburse you.

8. Extended warranties are often transferable. When you purchase a car with an extended warranty, paying a transfer fee (which usually varies by state) will transfer the remaining coverage.

9. Get the refund policy in writing. If you sell the car and don’t transfer the warranty to somebody else, you should be entitled to a refund for the unused portion of the warranty.


~ by caseystone on May 7, 2013.

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