New Report Dings Ford for Hybrid Mileage Claims

New Report Dings Ford for Hybrid Mileage Claims

Ford has certainly been getting its share of extra attention lately, much of it well-deserved on account of some pretty sleek improvement to the Focus and Fusions. But, as Forbes is reporting this week, Ford is also getting the wrong kind of attention from at least one outlet, Consumer Reports, due to the ongoing back-and-forth over hybrid mileage claims.

The story first took hold about a month ago, when several C-Max and Fusion hybrid owners in Pennsylvania got together to sue Ford over the mileage claims. The latest reports reiterate the gap, citing an 8 mpg difference for Fusion and a 10 mpg difference for C-Max. The Forbes report also cited rumblings about potentially unfair comparisons between the C-Max Hybrid and our much larger Prius v, as well as continued problems with the MyFord Touch in-car technology.

It’s always a good idea to stay on top of these sorts of issues and make sure potential buyers get the whole story. This one’s been in the news for a while, and now an unbiased source has come forward to voice its opinion. People love Toyota because of our value and reliability, and we love Toyota because we know we can beat the competition fair and square.


~ by caseystone on June 21, 2013.

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