New Study Shows Increasing Brand Loyalty among New Car Buyers

At Toyota, we’re never surprised when old customers come back to us for their next car. But a new study released last week says that brand loyalty among car owners in general is on the rise, and Toyota is among those leading the way.

Toyota was among 13 brands that exceeded the industry average in the study, which was conducted by auto-industry data company Polk and which was based on actual new-vehicle registration information from all 50 states in the U.S. and Washington, D.C. The study compared brand loyalty from the first quarter of 2012 with that of the first quarter of 2013, and Toyota saw an increase of 3.4 percent, placing it in the No. 10 spot. Porsche was No. 1 with an increase of 9.5 percent.

According to at least one representative from Polk, this sort of brand loyalty is often driven by particular models within the brand. In the case of Porsche, the Cayenne was cited as the model that contributed to the majority of the company’s brand loyalty. Cadillac kept drivers coming back for more with the CTS, and Mazda owners were loyal to the Mazda3.

When it comes to models that keep loyal drivers coming back to the brand, Toyota certainly has more than its share with Camry, Corolla and Prius, just for starters. Studies like this show us that there’s opportunity to create lifetime relationships with drivers, so let them know that our brand of value and dependability is worth coming back to again and again.


~ by caseystone on June 27, 2013.

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